Golden Equipment Company prides itself on delivering innovative solutions to your heavy equipment needs. One of our innovative solutions is to offer used equipment for companies who need reliable equipment at prices below retail for new equipment.

Looking for Used Equipment?

The used equipment inventory at Golden Equipment Company is always changing. To find out if we have the new or used equipment you need, please contact us.

Call Golden Equipment today at (505) 672-5532 to buy or rent used heavy equipment in Farmington, NM.

We can find out if the equipment is available at any of our locations; if we do not have the equipment that you want used, we can either order it new or scour the market for a used machine that meets your specifications.

Why Consider Used Equipment?

Used equipment is an economical choice for many construction companies needing to increase the size of their machine fleet and/or replace aging equipment. Used equipment provides the same capability as newer machines but with a significantly lower sticker price.

Companies who need a specific machine for a single job or limited time may also consider equipment rental rather than purchasing new or used equipment.

Quality Used Equipment Dealer in Farmington

We go to great lengths to ensure that you can rely on any piece of used equipment you buy from Golden Equipment Company. Our team of factory-trained mechanics thoroughly inspect each machine and perform necessary repairs and maintenance. We offer a limited warranty on all used equipment.

Do You Have Used Equipment to Sell?

If your company is looking to downsize its heavy equipment fleet and/or unload used equipment to make room for new models, Golden Equipment Company may be part of your innovative solution, too. Contact us to speak to a knowledgeable team member about selling your used equipment.