If the equipment used on the construction site breaks down, you are not likely to find the parts you need at your local hardware or automotive parts store. However, going directly to the manufacturer to get the parts you need may take too long, costing you time and money. Golden Equipment Company has the parts you need to get your heavy construction equipment operational ASAP.

Golden Equipment Company has a huge inventory of heavy equipment parts ready for pickup at our Farmington, NM location. But we know that you may not have the personnel or the time to spare for pickup. When you need parts NOW, contact us. We can arrange for delivery to your site. We may send your heavy equipment parts via a trucking/transport company or dispatch the parts with one of our field mechanics.

For heavy equipment parts in Farmington, please call (505) 672-5532 today.

Heavy Equipment Parts Delivered throughout Farmington

Because we know having the right part can be the difference between finishing a project on-time and in-budget and missing the targets, we offer heavy equipment parts delivery as part of our 24/7 emergency service.

Professional Installation of Heavy Equipment Parts

The right heavy equipment part is only useful if you have the skill and expertise to replace it. If your crew lacks the know-how to maintain and repair your heavy equipment, Golden Equipment Company can help. We have a team of heavy equipment mechanics in Farmington who can service your machines in our Farmington, NM shop or be dispatched to your construction site.

In the event that your machine is beyond repair, we can get you a replacement machine. We are New Mexico’s only local heavy equipment dealer. We offer new and used heavy equipment for sale and rental. We work hard to make the equipment you need affordable with financing and flexible rental terms.

Contact us for innovative solutions to your heavy construction equipment needs.