Golden Equipment Company has teams of factory-trained heavy equipment mechanics at all of our locations: Albuquerque, Farmington and Durango, CO. Some of our mechanics have been with the company since its opening in 1985, giving them more than 30 years of heavy equipment repair experience.

Our crews are the experts on heavy equipment repair. Our mechanics work on all makes and models of heavy equipment and construction machinery for all sectors of the industry. While most construction crews are skilled in using heavy equipment, they rarely have the skills to repair heavy equipment.

Contact us at (505) 876-9127 to schedule a repair or order parts for your heavy machinery

Getting Your Heavy Equipment in for Repair

When your heavy equipment needs repair, you have two options:

  1. Get your machine to your nearest Golden Equipment Company location
  2. Get a Golden Equipment Company mechanic to your machine

We offer in-shop and field service throughout New Mexico and the Four Corners area. If in-shop repairs are the best options, we may provide towing services or may arrange a trucking company to transport your equipment, depending on where your machine is located. We strive to provide 24/7 emergency heavy equipment repair service to minimize costly down times.

Albuquerque Heavy Equipment Parts

If you do have a mechanic on your crew, Golden Equipment Company can get you the heavy equipment parts you need fast. Contact us to let us know your heavy equipment repair needs.

Albuquerque Golden Equipment Company

Golden Equipment Company has everything you need to get your heavy equipment up and running again, including the expertise. We have a team of mechanics ready to perform maintenance and repair in our shops and in the field.