Golden Equipment Company has been a trusted heavy equipment dealer in Durango, CO for nearly 20 years. We have earned our reputation by providing everything you need to meet your heavy equipment needs—and that includes parts and maintenance service.

Construction Products and Parts — Durango

Golden Equipment Company carries everything you need to keep your heavy equipment work-ready. We carry belts, pumps, gaskets, etc. to ensure your heavy equipment runs. We also have replacement rollers, buckets, tracks, etc. to ensure functional performance on the job site.

Because having the right heavy equipment parts on hand can be the difference between a delay of a few hours or a few days, Golden Equipment Company makes the parts you need available as quickly as possible. We can:

  • Hold the heavy equipment parts for pick-up at our Durango, CO location
  • Ship the parts to your site via a commercial carrier or trucking company (depending on size of parts)
  • Expedite shipping directly from the manufacturer

For fastest delivery, we may dispatch one of our field mechanics with the heavy equipment parts you need.

Call Golden Equipment today at (970) 458-4511 for heavy equipment parts and maintenance service in Durango, CO.

Heavy Equipment Maintenance in Durango

In addition to parts, Golden Equipment Company provides the expertise you need to maintain your heavy equipment fleet. We offer maintenance and repair service delivered by our factory-trained heavy equipment mechanics.

We provide maintenance and repair service at our Durango, CO shop as well as on your construction site. We have a team of field mechanics ready to provide on-site service within a matter of hours (response time depends on availability and distance from our Durango location).

Durango Heavy Equipment Leasing & Purchasing

Our mechanics have decades of experience. They will let you know if replacement parts and repair service are the most cost-effective option for you. If it becomes more cost-effective to replace your machine, they will let you know. Golden Equipment Company provides new and used equipment sales and rental to meet your needs. Contact us to let us know how we can help you expand and maintain your heavy equipment fleet.