Golden Equipment Company does more than get you the equipment you need for your construction projects. We help you make sure it performs, too, with maintenance and repair service from expert heavy equipment mechanics.

Experienced Heavy Equipment Mechanics

The team of heavy equipment mechanics at Golden Equipment Company are experienced technicians. They are factory-trained to provide maintenance and repair service according to manufacturer specifications.

On-Call Heavy Equipment Mechanics

Because we know that time is of the essence for all types of construction projects, our heavy equipment mechanics are available around the clock to provide emergency repair service.

We have a team of field mechanics who can be dispatched to your site at a moment’s notice to get your equipment up and running again. Our mechanics come to the site with equipment parts and tools at the ready to prevent any further delays.

We also have a team of shop mechanics available every day at our Durango location to help you troubleshoot issues or service your machine at our facility.

Avoid Emergency Heavy Equipment Repairs

You do not need to wait until your construction equipment is no longer working to get help from our mechanics. We provide in-shop and on-site maintenance to keep your machines operational.

If you know that the machines you have purchased or rented have taken a beating or you notice the first signs of trouble, contact us. We will either send a mechanic to your site or coordinate equipment transport to get it back to our Durango facility for service.

Call Golden Equipment in Durango, CO today at (970) 458-4511 for maintenance and repair service from factory-trained heavy equipment mechanics.